At Country Products, we are proud of the guaranteed quality of our products and believe that our customers appreciate them very much.

It was in the beginning of the 80`s that our firm was established as a family run business to sell our produced and packed products in small shops and supermarkets. Later on we decided to enter a new phase in production and specialization to produce Table Jellies in different forms.

Our success in this field was credit to our commitment to produce high-quality products from quality selected ingredients to suit and satisfy our customers.

As time passes, we are constantly increasing our products by adding to our range; Pulses, Beans and Nuts simultaneously with an exceptionally vast range of Spices, Herbs and in house made Seasonings.

Our latest dedication was to produce Sugar Free products.

We have dedicated our valued time to develop our own Sugar FREE Jelly recipe, Custard Powders and Sugar FREE Instant Drinks.

Today we are continuously researching and developing new products. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our estimated customers that for these last 26 years have persistently purchased our products.

We will hold our commitment to manufacture our products from very good ingredients where quality comes first in keeping our customers satisfied.